Uniform Distribution

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uniform distribution

[′yü·nə‚fȯrm ‚di·strə′byü·shən]
The distribution of a random variable in which each value has the same probability of occurrence. Also known as rectangular distribution.

Uniform Distribution


a special type of probability distribution of a random variable X that takes on values in the interval (a - h, a + h). A uniform distribution is characterized by the probability density function

The mathematical expectation is EX = a, the variance is D X= h2/3, and the characteristic function is

By means of a linear transformation the interval (a - h, a + h) can be made to correspond to any given interval. Thus, the variable Y = (X - a + h)/2h is uniformly distributed over the interval (0, 1). Suppose the variables Y1, Y2,.…, Yn are uniformly distributed over the interval (0, 1). When their sum is normalized by the mathematical expectation n/2 and the variance n/12, the distribution law of the normalized sum rapidly approaches a normal distribution as n increases. In fact, the approximation is often sufficient for practical applications even when n = 3.

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By contrast, discount window borrowing by smaller banks was nearly uniformly distributed over the maintenance period.
inspection of the recirculating fitting to verify that the recirculation supply water is uniformly distributed, thereby assuring uniform circulation within all parts of the pool;
Pallets are designed to carry 2,800 pounds in normal circumstances, with a uniformly distributed load.
Interests are not homogeneous and uniformly distributed.
More specificaly, it is assumed that, when the adhesion strength is high, repeated stress and strain are uniformly distributed to all of the fibers, but when the adhesion strength is lowered during the progress of the fatigue, the stress and strain are irregularly applied, and thus the progress of the fatigue is accelerated.
Children's surgery is given two uniformly distributed control units (BKE) for 2 gases each.
The SEM micrographs also presented that the GNPs are uniformly distributed and embedded within the PCL/PVC blend.
Because all Voronoi cells are convex polygons that can be further decomposed into disjoint triangles with the seed of Voronoi cell which serve as their common vertex, it suffices to study the distance between a given vertex (the seed of the Voronoi cell) and a uniformly distributed random point inside a triangle, for example, [?
These ancient ocean temperatures were not uniformly distributed throughout the Antarctic ocean regions - they were higher on the South Pacific side of Antarctica - and researchers say this finding suggests that ocean currents led to a temperature difference.
In [12], an efficient method employing number theory was proposed to construct a sequence of uniformly distributed set in an s -dimensional unit cube [G.
The research also shows that forms of cell wall arabinoxylan are not uniformly distributed throughout the grain, which opens up the possibility of preparing flours with different contents and forms of arabinoxylan by milling.

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