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This (polynomial) description was used to calculate a unimodular matrix by means of elementary matrix operations.
The main idea of the algorithm, based on the linear i/o transformations, requires the application of a specific operator related to the unimodular matrix, whose entries are skew polynomials in the forward-shift operator, to a set of i/o equations.
At last, since the unimodular matrix, which is derived by LR algorithm, may be dependent on the CSI quality, this paper also investigates the impact of imperfect CSI and channel asymmetry in the simulation.
1[less than or equal to]t[less than or equal to]k,1[less than or equal to]j[less than or equal to]k] is a Kx K unimodular matrix, i.
The unimodular matrix which represents these operations
The Ehrhart polynomial of a zonotope that is defined by a totally unimodular matrix is also an evaluation of the Tutte polynomial (see e.
For an unimodular matrix [17] the following expression is verified:
It is a basic concept of lattice theory that if T is an unimodular matrix then B and [B.
The matrix A' is the incidence matrix of the edge-triangle graph underlying the given triangulation, and, then [31, 12] the matrix A' is a totally unimodular matrix and has rank [N.
Y] unimodular matrix, my of whose columns are [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII].
m x n][s] are called unimodularly equivalent if there exists a unimodular matrix U [element of] [R.
where P is a unimodular matrix with integer entries that has determinant 1.