Union of Burma

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Union of Burma:

see MyanmarMyanmar
or Burma
, officially Republic of the Union of Myanmar, republic (2015 est. pop. 52,404,000), 261,789 sq mi (678,033 sq km), SE Asia. It is bounded on the west by Bangladesh, India, and the Bay of Bengal; on the north and northeast by China; on the east by Laos
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The first step is to compel them to release the exact figure of the students killed on that fateful day and declared the 2008 Nargis Constitution null and void in order to successfully implement the genuine 2ndPanglong Conference for the Union of Burma to sit among the civilized nations.
And it is somehow fitting that their eldest daughter, Louisa (based on the author's mother), is chosen to represent the Union of Burma when she is crowned "Miss Burma" in 1956.
In fact, the Burma 1983 Population Census, published in June 1986 by the Immigration and Manpower Department, Ministry of Home and Religious Affairs, Government of the Socialist Republic of the Union of Burma, states on pages 1-22, in Table A-7, and passim, that 3.8 per cent of the total population identify themselves as Sunni Muslims and 0.1 per cent as Shiite.
The latest development is a consequence of the unresolved longstanding ethno-political conflicts in the Union of Burma. The nature of conflict is an evidence of the existence of two different sets of movement in Burma: democracy and democracy that guarantees the rights of ethnic minorities.Aa
Zin Linn, the director of the National Coalition Government of the Union of Burma, a pro-democracy group that supports Suu Kyi, told Al Jazeera that there was an "ulterior" motive to the trial.
Sein Win, whose father was the elder brother of Suu Kyi's father, the late general Aung San, is "prime minister" of Myanmar's National Coalition Government of the Union of Burma.
In order to join the Union of Burma, and gain full independence from Britain, the Saophas resigned in 1959.
Zin Linn, information minister for the Washington-based National Coalition Government of the Union of Burma, which is Burma's self-styled government-in-exile, said at least five monks were killed, while an organisation of exiled political activists in Thailand, the National League for Democracy-Liberated Area, said three monks had been confirmed dead, and 17 wounded.
12 is celebrated as the day the Union of Burma, now Myanmar, really began.
Myanmar Posts and Telecommunications (MPT), a communications services provider in the Union of Myanmar, also known as Burma or the Union of Burma, has revealed its intention to increase GSM network capacity in two main cities this year.
The National Coalition Government of the Union of Burma, which leads a government-in-exile after the military rejected the 1990 election victory by pro-democracy icon Aung San Suu Kyi (who is still under house arrest), rejected the military's allegations.

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