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(Unisys Corporation, Blue Bell, PA, www.unisys.com) An information technology company that was created in 1986 as a merger of the Burroughs and Sperry corporations. At that time, it was the largest merger of computer manufacturers in history. Today, Unisys offers a wide range of consulting and support services, which make up the bulk of the company's revenues. It also continues to provide hardware with its Enterprise Server and ClearPath lines.

The Intel-based Enterprise Servers (ES) utilize many features inherited from the company's vast mainframe experience and come in rack server, blade server and 96-core models. The ClearPath line uses native CMOS-based CPUs and Intel CPUs that can run Windows, Linux, MCP (Burroughs) and OS 2200 (Sperry) operating systems simultaneously.

Unisys traces its roots back to the earliest days of computing and data processing. Sperry started in 1933 in navigational guidance and control equipment. In 1955, it merged with Remington Rand, creator of the UNIVAC I, and became Sperry Rand. Sperry became known for its mainframes and for providing communications and real-time systems to the military and NASA. In 1971, it absorbed RCA's computer division and supported the Spectra 70 series until it was phased out. From the 1960s to the 1980s, Sperry's UNIVAC line provided state-of-the-art mainframe processing.

Burroughs started as a maker of calculating machines and cash registers in 1886. It was first involved with computers by supplying memory for the ENIAC in 1952. A decade later, it introduced the B5000 computer, which was hailed for its advanced operating system. Burroughs computers became well established in the banking and finance industries throughout the 1960s and 1970s.

Burroughs Adding Machine
This adding machine was built circa 1895 and was an example of the exciting new machinery at the turn of the 20th century. (Image courtesy of Unisys Corporation.)

In 1951, Remington Rand had the jump on the computer industry when it introduced the UNIVAC I. For a while, the words "Univac" and "computer" were synonymous (see UNIVAC I). (Image courtesy of Unisys Corporation.)
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Last month, Unisys announced that car rental company Hertz New Zealand selected the Unisys Stealth Solution to help secure and protect Hertz customers' credit card data against fraud.
In a recent Unisys online poll, 46 percent of respondents - the largest single percentage response to any question in the poll - cited development and test environments as the first workloads they would consider moving to the cloud.
"Microsoft is pleased that Unisys will integrate its 3D-VE blueprints into Visual Studio Team System," said Rick LaPlante, general manager of the Visual Studio Team System group at Microsoft.
* Accountability and Integration -- At Unisys, marketing activities are conducted in Global Marketing, Corporate Communications, within four business units, and in regional marketing groups.
According to CEO Laurence Weinbach, Unisys succeeded in achieving its target for double-digit growth in business process outsourcing, on the back of recent major projects.
With the combined solution from Unisys and Nuance, companies of all sizes can quickly and easily build highly scalable speech solutions to automate access to information and perform V-Commerce or voice driven e-commerce.
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Because of huge backlogs that resulted in delays of months to receive responses to queries, Unisys hired two subcontractors to keypunch report and query forms.
Unisys Corporation has announced the availability of Microsoft Corporation's Microsoft Windows Version 3.0 for the Unisys Personal Workstation[2] (PW[2]) family of network servers and personal computers.
Unisys Corporation (NYSE: UIS) today announced that the State of Georgia has selected the company to enable 47,000 email users at 14 state government agencies to seamlessly and securely access email and tools like Microsoft Teams, SharePoint and Skype through single sign-on capability.