Unit Cell

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unit cell

[′yü·nət ′sel]
A parallelepiped which will fill all space under the action of translations which leave the crystal lattice unchanged. Also known as structure cell.
(mining engineering)
In flotation, a single cell.
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Unit Cell


the smallest volume in a crystal. Translations of a unit cell in three dimensions make it possible to form a whole crystal lattice. A unit cell can be selected in various ways.

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Just like origami, these unit cell prototypes are made out of paper.
Nevertheless, Figure 4 depicts different detailed versions of the translation of the unit cell into a woven prototype.
The equivalent circuit of the unit cell with lossless is given by an analogy circuit as Figure 2(a).
The proposed WBLHM unit cell dimension is smaller than [[lambda].sub.0]/4.
The introduction of tunable capacitances in the unit cell can turn the antenna from a frequency-controlled to a voltage-controlled beam steering radiator.
In this work, the meander line increases the inductance of the unit cell which in turn reduces the lower edge of the band gap.
As shown in Figure 9(a), the radius of the graphite particle is denoted as [R.sub.graphite] The cylindrical unit cell ABCD in Figure 9(a) has a radius of AB (or [R.sub.cylinder]) and a height of BC (2[R.sub.cylinder]).
The unit cell contains a circular metal patch of radius r=4.5 mm, connected to the ground plane by four vias with metal walls, of radii [r.sub.v]=0.4 mm, placed at [r.sub.v]=[+ or -]r/3, [y.sub.v]=[+ or -]r/3 with respect to the coordinate system of Fig.
Partially inspired in Wesson work [13], we will assume that particle masses are tied to some type of unit cell in a five-dimensional momentum space lattice.
Another demonstration of negative permittivity of MTMs was done by a structural unit cell of proposed electric disk resonator which consisted of two disks connected by a central post as in Figure 2(b).
The first two terms in (1) are found using the unit cell size of the full system (Table 1), whereas the last term is calculated in a 3 [square root of (3)][a.sub.g] x 5[a.sub.g] x 19 [Angstrom] unit cell with only [GAMMA]-point sampling.