Unit construction

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unit construction

[′yü·nət kən′strək·shən]
(building construction)
An assembly comprising two or more walls, plus floor and ceiling construction, ready for shipping to a building site.

Unit construction

A construction method which includes two or more preassembled walls, together with floor and ceiling construction, ready for shipment to the building site.

modular construction

1. Construction in which a selected unit or module, such as a box or other subcomponent, is used repeatedly in the aggregate construction.
2. A system of construction employing large, prefabricated, mass-produced, partially preassembled sections or modules which are subsequently put together in the field.
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Contract awarded for West area (security) maintenance maintenance charge unit construction
RAMALLAH, June 7, 2017 (WAFA) -- Israeli newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth has published a report on housing unit construction plans made by Israeli Settlement Council West Bank in order to solve the housing crisis in Gush Dan settlement bloc.
SBG unit Construction Products Holding Company's chief operating officer Walid Samaha will preside over the new venture, said a report.
Efficient frontier theory identifies the case group with the highest seismic resistance among different unit construction costs.
We are setting ourselves up for the future and want to remain a reliable and innovative solution partner for our customers," said Roland Nowicki, vice president at BASF's Business Unit Construction Chemicals Europe, to which the Performance Flooring and Waterproofing segments belong.
The big sized plots, meant for single unit construction, in E-Block, 4th B Road and around the Holy Family Hospital, have been devided into plots of four to ten marlas and houses built in sheer violation of the building bylaws.
However, MIRAIT is burdened by the decline in unit construction cost and the larger number of the smaller projects it undertakes.
The bike comes with the 500cc TwinSpark, unit construction engine that is designed to thrill the rider with its performance.
We see good business opportunities in this dynamic region, especially in construction," Bjorn Rosengren, head of Atlas Copco's unit construction and mining technique, said.
The model is equipped with a new unit construction engine.
Part of the funds are for consultants to supervise construction of low-income housing under the Core Unit Construction (CUC) component, which includes 42 core housing units at the Monchy Residential Development.
Al Zanki said all three alliances, which pre-qualified for the key crude unit construction tender, had submitted bids.