Unitas Fratrum

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Unitas Fratrum:

see Moravian ChurchMoravian Church,
 Renewed Church of the Brethren,
or Unitas Fratrum
, an evangelical Christian communion whose adherents are sometimes called United Brethren or Herrnhuters.
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The Unitas Fratrum severely criticized the Waldensian priests for their apparent failure to practice communist ideals.
By 1467 the Unitas Fratrum instituted their own separate priesthood at the Synod of Lhotka near Rychnov.
Like the Taborites, the Unitas Fratrum practised only partial communism.
Furthermore, in both cases -- Taborite and Unitas Fratrum -- they were vitiated by political and theological considerations.
If communism at Tabor was oligarchic, it remained largely voluntary among the Unitas Fratrum.
107) Nevertheless, the communist ideals of Tabor and the Unitas Fratrum presented a challenge to late medieval Europe and in so doing facilitated social and religious reform which both captured the attention of Europe and the imagination of those seeking, in hope, the advent of a different world.
86) For the Unitas Fratrum, their beliefs and practices, see Jaroslav Bidlo (ed.
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