Unitas Fratrum

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Unitas Fratrum:

see Moravian ChurchMoravian Church,
 Renewed Church of the Brethren,
or Unitas Fratrum
, an evangelical Christian communion whose adherents are sometimes called United Brethren or Herrnhuters.
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(86) For the Unitas Fratrum, their beliefs and practices, see Jaroslav Bidlo (ed.), Akty Jednoty bratrske, 2 vols.
(93) The long-held idea that this ordination ceremony included a Waldensian bishop, thus linking the Unitas Fratrum to the historic succession of the episcopate, has been demolished by the recent researches of David R.
(97) For the schism in the Unitas Fratrum see Brock, ibid., pp.
Originally this group was called Bratri zakona Kristova (The Brethren of the Laws of Christ) but later became known as Jednota Bratrska (The Unity of Brethren) or the Unitas Fratrum.
In the early years of the Unitas Fratrum it was the spirit of Tabor and Petr Chelcicky which provided the main impetus.(86) According to James Stayer, similar influences may be detected in the early example of the Swiss Anabaptists and groups later who pursued communist ideals.
The Unitas Fratrum severely criticized the Waldensian priests for their apparent failure to practice communist ideals.
By 1467 the Unitas Fratrum instituted their own separate priesthood at the Synod of Lhotka near Rychnov.
Like the Taborites, the Unitas Fratrum practised only partial communism.