United Democratic National Front of North Korea UDNF

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United Democratic National Front of North Korea (UDNF)


founded in Pyongyang on July 22, 1946, on the initiative of the Communist Party of North Korea. It constituted a united front of all the political parties (Communist Party, New People’s Party, Democratic Party, and the Ch’ongu Tang Party) and public organizations of North Korea (the General Federation of Trade Unions of North Korea, the Peasant Federation, and 11 other organizations). The front included approximately 5 million persons. The social base of the UDNF was the working class, the peasantry, the democratic intelligentsia, and the patriotic national bourgeoisie. The primary social force in the UDNF was the alliance of the working class and peasantry. A guiding role was played by the working class and its vanguard, the Communist Party (after August 1946, known as Workers’ Party of North Korea). The UDNF actively struggled for democratic transformations in North Korea, unification of all democratic forces in the country, and creation of a united independent democratic Korea. The UDNF fought against the policies of national division pursued by the ruling circles of the United States and by South Korean reactionaries. With the creation of the United Democratic Fatherland Front of Korea in June 1949, the UDNF ceased to exist.


Minju konggukaeissoso pukchosong minchengu yokhwal: Pukchosong mincheng chungyo mungsangdip. (The Role of the UDNF in Building the Democratic State. A Collection of the Major Documents of the UDNF of North Korea), parts 1–2. Pyongyang, 1947–49.
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