United States National Museum

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United States National Museum:

see Smithsonian InstitutionSmithsonian Institution,
research and education center, mainly at Washington, D.C.; founded 1846 under the terms of the will of James Smithson of London, who in 1829 bequeathed his fortune to the United States to create an establishment for the "increase and diffusion of
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It should be a house full of ideas," contended George Brown Goode (1851-1896), the scientist, collector, curator, and administrator who guided the Smithsonian Institution's United States National Museum from 1878 until his premature death in 1896.
George Brown Goode's 1882 acquisition of amateur sports artifacts for the Smithsonian's United States National Museum provides a case study.
Rodris Roth, "Tea Drinking in 18th-Century America: Its Etiquette and Equipage," Bulletin of the United States National Museum 225:14 (1961): 70.
The big red bat, Lasiurus egregius, is a distinctive vespertilionid known from Armila (8[degrees]41'N, 77[degrees]27"W; United States National Museum, USNM 11175), Provincia de San Blas, Panama; 9.
Tim spent much time examining specimens of Central American mammals in collections such as those at the Field Museum, American Museum of Natural History, United States National Museum, and British Museum of Natural History, and was well known by curators there.
texanus deposited in the United States National Museum of Natural History in Washington, DC.
The earliest specimens of pupfish that we have located from the Guzman basin are those in an undated sample (USNM 50511) from the United States National Museum of Natural History Division of Fishes Collection (http://asmith.

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