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religious movement incorporated as the Unity School of Christianity, with headquarters at Lee's Summit, Mo. Although the movement used the name Unity after 1891, it was founded earlier by Charles and Myrtle Fillmore as a spiritual healing movement, with affinity to Christian Science and close ties with New Thought. Unity strongly affirms its Christian identity and has an ordained ministry. The Bible is interpreted allegorically, not literally; revelation is seen as a continuing process. Individuals attain salvation through development of their Christ consciousness, and ultimately all will be saved. Emphasis is placed on the ability to heal ills of mind and body by prayer and right thinking.


See M. Bach, They Have Found a Faith (1946, repr. 1971); E. Butterworth, Discover the Power Within You (1989).


A oneness and absence of diversity; a combination or arrangement of parts and the ordering of all the elements in a work so that each one contributes to a total single aesthetic effect.



the smallest natural number n = 1. The result of the multiplication of a number by 1 is that number.


1. Maths
a. the number or numeral one
b. a quantity assuming the value of one
c. the element of a set producing no change in a number following multiplication
2. Art the arrangement of the elements in a work of art in accordance with a single overall design or purpose
3. any one of the three principles of dramatic structure deriving from Aristotle's Poetics by which the action of a play should be limited to a single plot (unity of action), a single location (unity of place), and the events of a single day (unity of time)


A high-level parallel language.

A translator into MPL is available by ftp://sanfrancisco.ira.uka.de/pub/maspar/maspar_unity.tar.Z.

See also MasPar Unity.

["Parallel Program Design", K.M. Chandry and Misra, A-W 1988].
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