University Graduate

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University Graduate


(deistvitel’nyi student), in Russia, the lowest academic degree conferred upon graduates of the university.

The degree of university graduate was introduced by the Statute on the Granting of Academic Degrees of Jan. 20, 1819, supplementing the three previously existing academic degrees—university candidate, master, and doctor. A university graduate had the right to compete for the degree of university candidate only a year after completing his course work, on the condition that he present a written composition and pass certain examinations. In government service a university graduate had the rank of the 14th (beginning in 1822, the 12th) class.

The university statutes of 1835 abolished the degree of university graduate. However, an analogous title for graduates of the university (except for those who were granted the degree of university candidate) was maintained until 1884. The university statutes of 1884 abolished the title of university graduate, having established for graduates of the university diplomas of the first and second degrees, conferred according to academic success.

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