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(operating system)
Novell's implementation of Unix System 5 heavily based on Release 4.2 but with enhancements and new bundled products.

In 1993 Novell acquired Unix Systems Laboratories from AT&T along with the Unix trademark. UnixWare was the result of Novell's efforts to make Unix interoperable with Novell NetWare.

In 1995 Novell sold UnixWare and the rights to the Unix operating system to SCO at a time when UnixWare was gainnig popularity. It was later the first 64-bit operating system on the Intel platform, and, in 1999, is the world's fastest-growing commercial operating system.

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A server operating system for the Intel platform from UnXis (formerly The SCO Group). It is based on Unix System V Release 4.2MP and includes SMP support for two processors with optional support for up to 32. As of UnixWare 2.1, it includes NetWare 4.1 file, print and directory services. UnixWare Personal Edition used to be the client version which came with the Mosaic Web browser.

UnixWare was originally developed by Univel, a joint venture of Novell and AT&T's Unix System Labs (USL). In 1993, Novell purchased USL and UnixWare and sold it to SCO two years later. See UnixWare 7, OpenServer and SCO.
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At SCO, his challenge is to come up with enough money to reinvest in OpenServer and UnixWare so these platforms get enough features to defend against the onslaught of Linux and Windows, while at the same time giving existing OpenServer and UnixWare customers a reason to stay put.
In fact, sales of SCO's main Unix products, OpenServer and Unixware, are falling sharply as big competitors develop improved Linux solutions on the Intel platform.
In 1993 USL sold its Unix System V code and IP to Novell, which marketed the code as UnixWare. Novell in turn sold the code and the UnixWare business to SCO in 1995.
It runs on OpenLinux, SCO Linux (and other UnitedLinux based distributions) or UnixWare 7.1.x platforms.
IBM[R] ServeRAID[TM] Manager is a Java[R]-based application that runs on all versions of Microsoft[R] Windows[R], four versions of Linux[R], IBM OS/2 WARP[R] Server, SCO OpenServer, Caldera UnixWare, Caldera Open UNIX, and Novell NetWare.
Software AG Windows 2000, NT, Solaris, AIX, Linux, Linux/390, OS/390, Unixware XML database capable of storing XBRL documents.
It is actually a very advanced development environment designed to meet and exceed the needs of software developers of all backgrounds on a variety of platforms, which includes Windows, Linux, SunOS Solaris, HP-UX, AIX, DEC Unix, SCO, SGI, Unixware, FreeBSD, and BSDI.
Alliance has also received product accreditation for SCO UNIX OpenServer 5.0.5 and Unixware 7.
ServerGuide, based on extensive customer feedback during development, utilizing IBM's user-centered design process, broadens network operating system (NOS) support for Windows NT Server Enterprise Edition, Windows NT Workstation and SCO Unixware 7.
Version 2.1 extends support to HP-UX, Sun Solaris, IBM AIX, Digital Unix, NCR MP-RAS, ICL Unixware and others.
SCO Unix variation, SCO/HP UnixWare, Microsoft's Xenix, SGI (Silicon Graphics Inc.) Unix, NeXTStep and on and on.