Uno, Sosuke

Uno, Sosuke,

1922–98, Japanese politician, b. Moriyama, Shiga prefecture. He attended Kobe Univ. of Commerce and served in the Japanese army in World War II. A member of the Liberal Democratic partyLiberal Democratic party
(LDP), Japanese political party. It began as the conservative Liberal party, which, under Shigeru Yoshida, became the dominant political force in Japan following World War II. In 1955 the Liberals merged with the newly created Democratic party.
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 (LDP), he was first elected to the House of Representatives in 1960 and served as head of several ministries including defense (1974), trade and industry (1983), and foreign affairs (1987–89); in the last post he helped normalize relations between Japan and South Korea. Following the resignation of Noboru TakeshitaTakeshita, Noboru
, 1924–2000, Japanese politician, b. Kakeya. The son of a sake brewer, he was first elected to parliament in 1958 and served as chief cabinet secretary, construction minister, and finance minister (1979–80, 1982–86).
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 due to a financial scandal, he became head of the LDP and served briefly (June–Aug., 1989) as prime minister before being brought down by a sex scandal. He continued in parliament until 1996. Uno also was an accomplished pianist and published two volumes of haiku and a memoir of his experience as a prisoner of war in Siberia.
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