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Typical unpreparedness dreams involve either taking a test or having to give a speech, neither of which one is ready to do. These are common anxiety dreams.

What does it mean when you dream about unpreparedness?

In Western cultures, this motif often emerges in dreams in which we find ourselves taking an examination for which we are completely unprepared. For example, college students often have anxiety dreams around the end of the term that involve examinations they have not studied adequately for; this occurs regardless of whether or not the student has actually studied enough. The unpreparedness motif can also emerge in other ways, such as when we dream about standing before a crowd on a stage or at a public forum, then realize that we have forgotten what we were going to say, or discovering we were never prepared to say anything in the first place. A dream about being unprepared to take a test or give a speech might reflect anxieties about anything from how we will do on an upcoming job interview to whether we will succeed in a new marriage. The core anxiety concerns doubts about our adequacy.

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@cioandleader @Arindam62459167 @jayantmagar @ashokjade Shows unpreparedness in terms of DR and BCP.
However, they showed unpreparedness for a dialogue, a solution and a way out from the crisis," Ziberi said.
In 1912, the Senate Commerce Committee issued its report on the Titanic disaster that cited a ''state of absolute unpreparedness,'' improperly tested safety equipment and an ''indifference to danger'' as some of the causes of an ''unnecessary tragedy.''
Israel's unpreparedness to confront Hezbollah has even been acknowledged by the regime's army officers.
Construction is delayed by unpreparedness of the Kyrgyz side to draw up documents necessary for start of the project, Russia's Inter RAO UES, project operator, told the newspaper.
This level of unpreparedness has remained unchanged from 2012.
A change is needed, says a draft report, tabled on 17 December by Othmar Karas (EPP, Austria) and Liem Hoang Ngoc (S&D, France), to tackle the unpreparedness, lack of transparency, overoptimistic assumptions, conflicts of interests and lack of unaccountability identified in the Troika's work.
In response to the intensified effort of the Macedonian diplomacy to win membership of the Alliance at its summit in 2014, Greek Minister Venizelos said that Macedonia's accession to NATO should wait not only because of the name issue but also because of the internal problems and the unpreparedness of the country to be an equal member of the international organizations.
She also revealed the unpreparedness of social centres to organize the right of parental visitation at convenient times for parents and children.
The unpreparedness to make such decisive moves mythisizes the daily politics and unconditionally devaluates the country's future.
It appears to be a big confusion and unpreparedness," said Mr.
However an official in the ministry of cabinet affairs, who asked to remain anonymous, disclosed to the Sudan Tribune that the meeting failed to take place mainly due to lack of agenda for discussion as well as because of unpreparedness by president Salva Kiir Mayardit.