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an Avar village and the administrative center of Untsukul’ Raion, Dagestan ASSR. Untsukul’ is situated on the left bank of the Avarskoe Koisu River, 147 km southwest of the Buinaksk railroad station.

Untsukul’ has been a center since the first half of the 19th century for the crafting of wooden articles (chiefly of cornelian cherry) inlaid with silver or melchior. The craftsmen of Untsukul—including G. Gadzhiev, and M. Magomedov, M. Taimakhsanov—make walking sticks, cigarette cases, boxes, drinking glasses, and other articles covered with metal designs composed of lines, curves, and rosettes. The designs, which stand out clearly against the polished wood background, frequently include inlays of mother-of-pearl, colored bone, or plastic.

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