Upper Canada

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Upper Canada:

see OntarioOntario
, province (2001 pop. 11,410,046), 412,582 sq mi (1,068,587 sq km), E central Canada. Land and People

Ontario, the second largest Canadian province, is the most populous and the leader in mineral, industrial, and agricultural output and in financial and
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Upper Canada

1. History (from 1791--1841) the official name of the region of Canada lying southwest of the Ottawa River and north of the lower Great Lakes
2. (esp in E Canada) another name for Ontario
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The smaller aspects of the study, such as the relative prominence of medicinal opodeldoc, and the noted absence of drinking chocolate, evokes Upper Canada as a space of particular tastes and circumstances, and in doing so, helps set the study area apart as distinctive in its own right.
Before the outbreak of the American Revolution, "practically no white settlement had taken place" in the territory that would become Upper Canada (Gentilcore and Wood 32).
Newcomers to Upper Canada are mostly immigrants who know little about Toronto and nothing about Northern Ontario.
While Prevost was supposedly under orders not to rile the Americans and to negotiate a ceasefire, his activities in the first year of the war clearly appalled Brock and his friends and associates in Upper Canada.
From his arrival in the heavily Protestant and loyalist province of Upper Canada in 1804 Bishop Alexander Macdonell worked to transform the Catholic Church there from a small collection of scattered and under-resourced frontier missions into an established diocese with well-funded and fully staffed parishes in every major area of settlement.
Feltoe, a living history re-enactor, brings a uniquely intimate perspective to this account of the Volunteer Battalion of Incorporated Militia of Upper Canada, who defended their country when the US declared war on British-controlled Canada in 1812.
The Upper Canada Sports sales team consists of Norm Belanger, principal/owner, and Todd Horton and Shawn Amyotte, sales reps.
In the generation after the Revolutionary War, Upper Canada drew tens of thousands of Late Loyalists from the United States; the United States simultaneously drew nearly 200,000 immigrants from Ireland.
8) These converging historiographical currents have meant that little attention has been paid to the influence American Methodist periodicals exercised over the development of Methodist religious identity in Upper Canada in the years between the close of the War of 1812 and the introduction of the Christian Guardian in November 1829.
A big hit in Canada, the States, South America and Asia, Naturally Upper Canada was first developed in the 1970s and takes its inspiration from the clean waters and vegetation of its birth country.
The history of Upper Canada has been without a thorough and scholarly study of taverns.
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