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Upper Canada:

see OntarioOntario
, province (2001 pop. 11,410,046), 412,582 sq mi (1,068,587 sq km), E central Canada. Land and People

Ontario, the second largest Canadian province, is the most populous and the leader in mineral, industrial, and agricultural output and in financial and
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Upper Canada

1. History (from 1791--1841) the official name of the region of Canada lying southwest of the Ottawa River and north of the lower Great Lakes
2. (esp in E Canada) another name for Ontario
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While such a study is not a groundbreaking concept, as McCalla himself outlines in his assessment of the literature, it is new to learn more about the details of Upper Canadian consumption in this period.
They were simply the privilege held by "civilized" members of Upper Canadian society.
First of all, no historian of the war has adequately investigated Prevost's background and motivations, which were seriously criticized during the war, especially by the Upper Canadians but also by the rank and file in Montreal.
(6) In much the same way, Neil Semple's landmark history of Canadian Methodism offers little insight into Methodist print culture as a force in its own right apart from noting in passing that the Christian Guardian became a locus of contention between Upper Canadian and British Wesleyan Methodists.
Baldwin found his policies questioned by his Upper Canadian colleagues, and LaFontaine was overruled by his Lower Canadian supporters.
For example, one Upper Canadian law firm active throughout the nineteenth century is described as a "nursery of many bright lads." (69) This phrase echoes Ben Jonson's description of sixteenth- and seventeenth-century English Inns of Court as the "noblest nurseries of humanity," and evokes a legal workplace which "awakened" new lawyers' intellectual curiosity and instilled "social and professional skills." (70)
John's mayor Andy Wells, a self-avowed anti-Confederate, considered it "Upper Canadian arrogance at its best." (3) Well-known Newfoundland historian Patrick O'Flaherty suggested that it was typical of Canada's attitude towards Newfoundland, and that Canada's "interest in the place was really only to defend Canada." (4) Over the next several days, letters and editorials appeared in several local and national newspapers either justifying Canada's "Scorched Earth Policy" or condemning it.
The Upper Canadian PnP editor has been duly chastised.
In the call centres and e-learning enterprises that sprang up in Fredericton, Moncton, and Saint John, New Brunswickers became easily replaceable human resources whose largely rote labour was monitored by control technologies and skilled Upper Canadian managers.
A damper on the radical democratic ideas of this early modern British tide was that, once many former English radicals became landowners, they became Upper Canadian Tories.

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