Upper Layer Protocol

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Upper Layer Protocol

1. (ULP, or upper-layer protocol) Any protocol residing in OSI layers five or above.

The Internet protocol suite includes many upper layer protocols representing a wide variety of applications e.g. FTP, NFS, RPC, and SMTP. These and other network applications use the services of TCP/IP and other lower layer protocols to provide users with basic network services.

2. A protocol higher in the OSI reference model than the current reference point. Upper Layer Protocol is often used to refer to the next-highest protocol in a particular protocol stack.
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The PXI-C664 uses an innovative FPGA-based hardware architecture with multiple embedded processors handling the processing of upper layer protocols to provide an efficient, high-performance solution capable of handling 10/100Mbit/s and 1Gbit/s Ethernet interfaces.
The upper layer protocols used by these applications typically produce a high level of control chatter for each data block, which goes unnoticed on LANs with their short distances and large surplus bandwidth, but becomes painfully obvious over WANs.
Since NPUs only process packets, they are unaware of upper layer protocol data units (PDUs) that run on top of the packet stream.
To define air interface requirements for MEO satellite networks develop relevant transmission schemes and upper layer protocols and demonstrate achievable performance using an end-to-end test-bed implemented in real-time software or hardware including the transmit/receive techniques prototypes.
A rich array of upper layer protocols is supported for clustering applications, such as MPI, uDAPL, IPoverIB, and SDP, as well as protocols to allow access to existing Fibre Channel and Ethernet networks.
I look forward to expanding the GSN envelope to include storage networks and additional upper layer protocols.
According to the company, the partnership will focus around the PC20x family of processors from picoChip, which enables a single chip WiMAX BS PHY with integrated ARM for upper layer protocols.
It has superior interoperability by the ability to encapsulate data from various upper layer protocols.

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