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Establishment, the

the institutions, and the holders of élite positions within them, popularly regarded as constituting the culturally and politically dominant sector of society, especially members of traditionally dominant groups. Used particularly in the 1950s and 60s, it is now a term in general use, without any precise sociological meaning. Generally, it is seen as including the monarchy and the peerage, members of government and top civil servants, the Conservative Party as a whole, leading London-based members of top professions, old boys of leading public schools and Oxford and Cambridge, and so on. Sometimes leading Labour politicians, trade-union leaders, press barons, etc, are also included. Compare UPPER CLASS.
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A "lot of chatter in the upper echelons of the company" indicates that AMD (AMD) CEO Lisa Su plans to move on and is eyeing the number two position at IBM (IBM), with the eventual goal of replacing Ginni Rometty as CEO and President, according to WCCF Tech's Usman Pirzada.
Set in the 19th century, Belgravia tells the story of secrets and dishonour among the upper echelons of society.
But when discussing Murray's rank in the upper echelons of British sport, it has been remiss how few mentions Fred Perry (below, right) has been given.
The upper echelons of Bollywood A-listers helped serve food to the guests.
The Irish lads have dominated the upper echelons of the top 40 for over five years with huge songs like Words, Picture of You and No Matter What.
including the commanders of the Cambodian Navy and Air Force - have been promoted to deputy commanders-in-chief of the Royal Cambodian Armed Forces, swelling the upper echelons of an already top-heavy military.
The impetus for those gatherings is not just a desire for change in the upper echelons of Slovak politics, even though that is one demand that the crowd can most easily articulate in their 'enough of Fico' chants.
Photo feature by Oqab Al-Qoubaa KUWAIT, Nov 3 (KUNA) -- Since its independence in 1961, Kuwait, a nation of cultural splendor, is home to vibrant democracy that has propelled the country into the upper echelons of the region.
Spencer amassed a collection of aristocratic titles from her marriages to men from the upper echelons of society.
When local dignitary and barrister Owen Beynon is found murdered in his home, Chief Superintendent Brian Prosser is keen for the case to be solved quickly to keep the upper echelons of Aberystwyth happy.
THE documentary movie Jack to a King about Swansea City's "rags to riches" rise to the upper echelons of the Premier League is to go on tour.
From clients to creatives to media to suits - from the upper echelons to the lower slopes.

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