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, Upsala
a city in E central Sweden: the royal headquarters in the 13th century; Gothic cathedral (the largest in Sweden) and Sweden's oldest university (1477). Pop.: 182 124 (2004 est.)
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a glacier in the Patagonian Andes. Upsala is 60 km long and up to 8 km wide. With an area of 250 sq km, it is the largest glacier in the Andes. Upsala descends southward from the Southern Patagonian ice field into the northern arm of Lake Argentine.

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El analisis de la 'paternidad' de una prefilosofia analitica escandinava no puede ser menos que una reconstruccion de algunos asuntos intelectuales internos de la Escuela sueca que vio un alejamiento, por parte de jovenes discipulos como Konrad Marc-Wogau (1902-1991), Ingemar Hedenius (1908-1982) y Anders Wedberg (1913-1978) de la Filosofia de Upsala, a favor de la Filosofia analitica anglosajona.
According to BBC, the Upsala Glacie stretches for 60 kilometers and was once the biggest in South America.
La purificacion de las Lfs bovina y porcina se realizo mediante cromatografia de intercambio ionico, en un equipo cromatografico AKTA Purifier (GE Healthcare, Upsala, Suecia).
As we near the giant Upsala Glacier, an icon of global warming for scientists, we can see large furrows on the millenary body of ice--evidence of melting.
Local tour operators offer one-day catamaran cruises on Lake Argentino to view the Upsala, Spegassini and Onelli glaciers.
Headquartered in St Cloud, Minnesota, Stearns Bank is independently owned and manages currently more than USD1bn in assets with locations in St Cloud, Albany, Pine City, North Branch, Holdingford, and Upsala MN, along with Scottsdale, Arizona.
An earlier writer sagaciously traced the biography of Flecha the elder in the ensalada La viuda (the widow) (Jose Romeu Figueras, "Mateo Flecha el Viejo, la corte literariomusical del duque de Calabria y el Cancionero llamado de Upsala," Anuaria Musical 13 [1958]: 25-101), but other scholars have since refuted many of these biographical references (see Emilio Ros-Fabregas, "The Manuscript Barcelona, Biblioteca de Catalunya, M.454: Study and Edition in the Context of the Iberian and Continental Manuscript Traditions" [Ph.D.
I traveled north as far as Thunder Bay and the little town of Upsala and south all the way to Chatham and Windsor by train, plane and car.
I selected an urban high school that received a school aggregate grade of F in 2002 attended largely by African-American students (Jefferson High School(1)), one inner-ring suburban school (Upsala High School) that received a school aggregate grade of C in 2002 whose students were predominately White and Latino, and an outer-ring suburban school (Land Manor High School) that received a school aggregate grade of A in 2002 with a majority of White students and a large Asian-American minority.
Composite of undated handout images showing the disappearance of the Upsala glacier in Patagonia, one of a number of paired images in a book, Earth, Then And Now, by environmental writer Fred Pearce, illustrating the impact of environmental changes such as global warming
One of the featured artists is Rebecca Belmore, an Anishnabe artist from Upsala, Ont., a mixed media artist who works with installation and performance art as well as photography, video and sculpture.