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a city under oblast jurisdiction and the administrative center of Ura-Tiube Raion, Leninabad Oblast, Tadzhik SSR. Located in the northern foothills of the Turkestan Mountains on the Dushanbe-Tashkent highway, 45 km south of the Khavast railroad junction and 73 km southwest of Leninabad. Population, 36,000 (1974). Ura-Tiube has a winery, a cannery, a milk plant, a brickyard and a knitwear factory. The city has a museum of history and local lore. The Kattasai Reservoir is located nearby.

A number of buildings survive from Ura-Tiube’s medieval past, including the Abd-al-Latif, or Kok-Gumbez, Mosque (first half of the 16th century), the mausoleum of Baba-Tago (16th century), the Sari Mazar ensemble of religious buildings (16th—19th centuries), and frame dwellings with ornamental paintings (18th to early 20th centuries). The mosque was constructed with a domed central hall; the dome, however, has not survived. The building was converted into a madrasa in the mid-17th century.


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