Urals Bureau of the Central Committee of the RCP B

Urals Bureau of the Central Committee of the RCP(B)


a plenipotentiary representative body of the Central Committee of the Russian Communist Party (Bolshevik) in the Urals; active in Ekaterinburg (present-day Sverdlovsk) from 1920 to 1923. The bureau was organized in April 1920 in accordance with a decision of the Ninth Congress of the RCP(B) and began its work in 1921. It managed party organizations in Ekaterinburg, Perm’, Ufa (until June 1922), Cheliabinsk, and Tiumen’ provinces. It was created in order to strengthen the ties of the Central Committee with local party organizations, which were dealing with particularly complex economic problems, the most important being the rebuilding of industry and transportation in the Urals.

The members of the bureau, who were personally approved by the Central Committee, included members of the Central Committee and administrative leaders of local party and state agencies. The bureau was abolished with the formation of the Ural’sk oblast committee of the RCP(B).