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urban enterprise zone:

see enterprise zoneenterprise zone,
designated geographical district in which resident businesses are legally entitled to receive special benefits from a government, established in economically depressed areas to encourage companies to locate there.
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We see that 100% Capital Allowances are being introduced in the largely urban enterprise zones championed by the Chancellor - it is a serious omission that rural areas are being denied similar fiscal incentives.
Huber discussed the importance of New Jersey's special financing programs; its tax districts, including Urban Enterprise Zones and Foreign Trade Zones; and state grant programs, such as the Business Employment Incentive Program (BEIP) and the Business Relocation and Retention Assistance Grant Program (BRRAG).
The department found 17 of the 40 companies involved in the mandatory program to write policies in the Urban Enterprise Zones are short of the state imposed goal, while 23 others already have met the requirement.
Are Proposed Kemp-Garcia Urban Enterprise Zones a Sound Approach to U.
Urban Enterprise Zones in New Jersey: Have They Made a Difference?
Using development incentives such as Tax Allocation Districts, which allow the city to reallocate back into the selected area any increase in property tax revenues resulting from investment and improvements, and Urban Enterprise Zones, the ADA serves as a one-stop shop to make it easier for developers to invest in Atlanta.
Right now, welfare reformers focus on carrots and sticks for single mothers; black political leaders plump for public works projects; New Democrats and New Paradigm conservatives press for urban enterprise zones or tenant ownership of public housing.
For more on urban enterprise zones, see accompanying box.
Some current proposals appear to have been pulled off the Vietnam shelf: Jack Kemp's urban enterprise zones resemble the strategic hamlet program; sending advisers to Peru recalls widening the war into Cambodia; stressing the number of people put behind bars sounds like body counts.
Special tax districts, including Urban Enterprise Zones and Foreign Trade Zones, provide a variety of incentives to companies located within them.
May 23 -- The five top writers of car insurance are among the companies that have fallen short of writing coverage in the state's 28 urban enterprise zones, and have been ordered to meet their quotas by year end.

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