Urban Reconstruction

Reconstruction, Urban


the fundamental transformation of a city (its layout, land development, and public services) called for by current socioeconomic, sanitary, and architectural requirements and carried out on a scientific basis.

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001-039 "Implementation of Integrated Urban Reconstruction and Development Plans 2014-2020", Investment Priority "Educational Infrastructure", Priority Axis 1 "Sustainable and Integrated Urban Development" under the Operational Program "Regions for Growth" 2014-2020 .
He thinks that a mixture of new technologies, architectural fashions, planning practices, and social circumstances that had been germinating since the late 19th century coalesced in the post-war context of urban reconstruction, population growth, and economic prosperity.
Through a rhythmic sequence of photographs and texts, the work poignantly meditates on the artist's recent visit to the area, during which he muses over the control of public remembrance through memorial designs and urban reconstruction, and on the involuntary memories that spring up when one moves through once-familiar sites.
Harris has also served in prominent real estate roles in the not-for-profit and government worlds, including Executive Vice President for Real Estate Development at the New York City Housing Authority, Deputy General Counsel for Real Estate and Finance and Director of Real Estate at the Metropolitan Transportation Authority and as a founding director of NURCHA, the National Urban Reconstruction and Housing Agency in South Africa.
According to the Doy-an news agency, the budget for the urban reconstruction of Taksim Square and Topcu Barracks is $5.
During a meeting with Damascus Governorate's directors of the planning urban reconstruction zones, the citizens called for ensuring substitute houses for the families before sending them notifications to evacuate their homes and nominate committees on behalf of the families to be acquainted with the work phases.
The haphazard, poorly planned urban reconstruction coupled with the 10-fold jump in population to nearly 12 million today has severely strained the city's ability to cope with flooding.
Organised jointly by USAID and the Kabul Urban Reconstruction Project of the Ministry of Urban Development Affairs, the workshop is addressing the issues that affect the growth, security, and development of Afghanistan's urban centers.
By the end of the urban reconstruction program, 85 percent of the Old City will have been demolished.
The agreement on urban reconstruction and regeneration provides for Abruzzo to set up an urban development fund within the existing EU framework for the use of the Structural Funds (Joint European Support for Sustainable Investment in City Areas - JESSICA).
Two major reconstruction programmes, the Baghdad water supply and sanitation project, and the water supply, sanitation and urban reconstruction project, were launched on the back of the report to address the country's most pressing needs.
But simultaneous and complete urban reconstruction is impossible.

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