Urban sprawl

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Urban sprawl

Uncontrolled spread of urban and suburban development farther and farther away from the urban core.

urban sprawl

An unplanned development of open land, usually on the outskirts of a city.
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To control the urban sprawl, it is essential to understand the conversion of land from natural surfaces (rural) to built-up areas (urban).
Nevertheless, all former urban research have illustrated Shannon's entropy method in different spatial zones divisions either to analyze the urban patterns (Yeh and Xia, 2001) or to identify the urban sprawl of a specific area for a specific period (Kumar, et al.
Urban sprawl in Iran and several similar countries has the form of rapid urbanization and transition from a compact traditional urban form to a city that is prepared for using new technologies very fast.
Although it was hampered slightly because of the isolation of Australian cities and the urban sprawl of the city," he added.
4) Winnipeg was chosen as a case study not only because it is experiencing urban sprawl but because of the initiatives it has undertaken to manage outward growth and ensure that new developments are fiscally sustainable.
Urban sprawl, the opposite of better quality or smarter growth, continues to be identified as one of America's biggest concerns by citizens.
These findings are consistent with the hypothesis that urban sprawl contributes to EHE frequency.
As urban sprawl continues if is clear we have to produce more space to grow food so building up instead of out seems a good idea.
Each one of us who has procreated is personally responsible for urban sprawl and for the end of all systems that support life.
Greece), and Petschel-Held (late of the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research, Germany) present the results of a research project on the processes of urban sprawl in Europe.
Indicators of obesity and urban sprawl were created because obesity rates have reached epidemic proportions throughout the United States and are related to a lack of physical activity in the population (U.
His own government officials are planning to let rip with the concrete mixer and add to unsustainable urban sprawl.

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