Urban sprawl

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Urban sprawl

Uncontrolled spread of urban and suburban development farther and farther away from the urban core.
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urban sprawl

An unplanned development of open land, usually on the outskirts of a city.
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Thus, the purpose of the present study is to analyze the status and trends of urban sprawl research output for the last three decades (1989-2017) in order to help the researchers to understand the panorama of global urban sprawl research, and predict the dynamic directions of it.
Urban sprawl means the expansion of human populations away from central urban areas into low-density, monofunctional and usually car-dependent communities.
The assessment of urban sprawl in the BMR was carried out through a cartographical approach (due to the lack of an administrative definition of BMR that implies the absence of official statistics for the metropolitan area) (Solans 2002).
There are many techniques for measuring and mapping urban morphology and urban sprawl, including shape index, contagion index, Shannon's entropy, fractal analysis and Moran's I (Bhatta 2012; Munafo, Congedo 2013; Zeng et al.
Keywords: Urban sprawl, Geographical Information System, land-use change and land sat images.
In this beautifully imagined tale by Jon-Erik Lappano we watch as a city is overrun by wildlife, a tale that makes us stop and ponder about urban sprawl and how we have lost the natural beauty in the world that surrounds us.
"If this gets the go-ahead it will mean Deganwy and Llandudno J ti ill j i bi Junction will join as one big urban sprawl, as the natural wedge will have gone."
Thus, areas with impervious surfaces increase in urban sprawl and the further spreading of impervious surfaces corresponds to higher intensity sprawl (Jaeger, et al., 2010).
"Allowing housing development on the Ravelrig Road site would simply increase urban sprawl and would in addition undermine the whole principle of coherent planning.The proper way to decide how to meet housing need is through the Local Development Plan process.
This work aims on one hand, to assess the urban land use patterns, trends, and the evolution of Madrid during the first decade of the XXI century, as an European Mediterranean metropolitan region in the context of the urban sprawl, over all linked to the residential developments.
Land use change generates new patterns of urban sprawl. Urban sprawl is divided into eight separate dimensions including concentration, density, continuity, proximity, centrality, clustering, nuclearity, and mixed uses [13].
We in Marske do not want a urban sprawl on a flood plain without adequate sewerage tanks.

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