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urea resin adhesive

A dry powder which is mixed with water before being applied; has high early strength and good resistance to heat; not recommended for poorly fitted joints or outdoor use.
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Unfortunately, the items appraisers are most frequently requested to address are concealed items such as asbestos, urea-formaldehyde insulation, PCBs, lead paint, and radon gas.
Urea-formaldehyde insulation is a foam sprayed between wall cavities.
It's in the resins used to make most particle board, plywood, and wood paneling; the foam in urea-formaldehyde insulation; the sizing applied to upholstery and drapes; the adhesives used with carpeting and wallpaper; the "permanent press' resin in clothes; the germ killer in toothpaste--and the ink in the dollar bills that pay for all these things.