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(organic chemistry)
CO(NH2)OC2H5 A combustible, toxic, colorless powder; soluble in water and alcohol; melts at 49°C; used as a solvent and chemical intermediate and in biochemical research and veterinary medicine. Also known as ethyl carbamate; ethyl urethane.
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(also carbamate), NH2COOR, any of the esters of carbamic acid (H2NCOOH) that are unknown in the free state. Urethanes are colorless crystalline compounds. Unlike the acid, the esters are stable; thus, ethylurethane (H2NCOOC2H5; sometimes simply called urethane, from which the name of the entire class is derived) has a melting point of 49°C and a boiling point of 184°C.

Urethanes are prepared by, among other methods, reacting alcohols with urea [CO(NH2)2] or isocyanic acid (HNCO). N-substituted urethanes, formed from the reaction of isocyanates (RNCO) with alcohols and phenols, are used in the identification of phenols. Polyurethanes are widely used in industry in the form of rubbers, adhesives, varnishes, and fibers. Certain substituted urethanes are used as pharmaceuticals; examples include proserine methyl sulfate, carbachol, and propanidid.

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Liquid and paste pigment dispersions for coloring PVC plastisols, urethanes, epoxies, calendered PVC film, and other polymers.
"Urethane with embedded ceramics can be optimized to resist not only sliding abrasion, but also impact, or various combinations of the two," said Roberge.
In this study, we analyzed the modulatory effects of pequi fruit on oxidative stress induced by urethane carcinogenesis by measuring in vivo DNA damage through biochemical, immunohistochemical, and molecular biology assays.
Properties Dynamic mechanical properties such as E', E", and tan [sigma] of PBS-a were determined and compared with those of poly(benzoxazine-co-urethane)s with different weight percents of urethane. Figure 3 shows the temperature dependence of E', E", and tan [sigma] for the prepared PBS-a and poly( benzoxazine-co-urethane)s.
Additionally, the company's Asia-Pacific prices will go up by up to USD0.50 per kg for urethane pre-polymers and speciality curatives.
The last class of urethanes are polyurethane dispersions (PUD).
UNI's bio-urethanes serve as a direct replacement of phenolic urethane and can be used with current molding equipment in both nobake and coldbox processes.
Complete urethane processing lines may include bulk storage and blending, including fiber or filler; mold carriers, including clamps, turntables, and conveyor systems; auxiliary robotics, ovens, hydraulics, and materials-handling equipment; and SRIM preforming systems.
New process equipment is now available for producing cast urethane parts that make it possible to "dial in" the mix that will result in the desired stiffness and resilience.
Prior to replacing his metal compliant rollers with those made of urethane, Phil's late night pages would almost always be caused by a roller that had worn out and halted assembly at his metal fabrication facility.
The nation's fair trade watchdog said the joint venture, to be established in April, will have a market share of almost 60% and therefore must provide at cost price 7,000 tons of urethane materials to rival companies within two years in order not to violate the Anti-Monopoly Law.