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see UlaanbaatarUlaanbaatar
or Ulan Bator
[Mongolian,=red hero], Chinese Kulun, city (2010 est. pop. 1,500,000), capital of the Republic of Mongolia, E central Mongolia, on the Tola River.
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Mogliani, Urga, and Winograd (2009) find the following: In their estimation of the long-run demand for money allowing for structural breaks (and using M1 as the notion of money), real money balances display a unit elasticity with respect to income, while the semi-elasticity with respect to the interest rate is -1.
But Urga and other fields have since gone to Gazprom.
Rockinger and Urga also indicated that Russian and Hungarian equity markets are not influenced by shocks in UK market.
825 (1999); Alexander Mertens & Giovanni Urga, Efficiency, Scale and Scope Economies in the Ukrainian Banking Sector in 1998, 2 Emerging Markets Rev.
In 1920, Urga, then the capital of Mongolia, was taken by Baron Roman Nikolaus von Ungern-Sternberg, a Russian anti-Bolshevik general who established a subordinate government.
Similar result was reported by Abuye and Urga in their study conducted in four administrative regions of Ethiopia [15].
Michael Sterba, correctional officer II, Douglas County Sheriff's Office, Lawrence, Kansas; Stephanie Urga, detention officer, Nevada Southern Detention Center, Pahrump, Nev.
For instance, Aizenman and Marion (1999), Driver, Temple, and Urga (2005), and Baum, Stephan, and Talavera (2009) are among others who use this approach.
Urga (2007), "Methods of Privatisation and Economic Growth Transition Economies," Economics of Transition, Volume 15, 24.
The source said Petronas had informed the government of its intention to withdraw from the PSA for the exploration and development of the Baysun investment block in the Surkhandarya region as well as from the PSA to develop the fields at Urga, Kuanish and the Akchalak group at Ustyurt.
Siguiendo a Benerjee, Lazarova y Urga (2003), en las decadas de los sesenta y setenta se pensaba que las series de tiempo de las variables macroeconomicas estaban compuestas de una tendencia y un ciclo y que los ciclos economicos eran desviaciones de una tendencia secular.
Por otro lado, la conocida indistincion en la grafia de los guturales (sonora/sorda) en algunos alfabetos antiguos, como ocurre por ejemplo en el etrusco (del que deriva el latino), permite asimilar el elemento URKI a urci / urgi que aparece tanto en posicion inicial como final en abundantes toponimos de la Peninsula (Untermann, 1975); cabe decir lo mismo de urcu- y de urca / urga.