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see UlaanbaatarUlaanbaatar
or Ulan Bator
[Mongolian,=red hero], Chinese Kulun, city (2010 est. pop. 1,500,000), capital of the Republic of Mongolia, E central Mongolia, on the Tola River.
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The official said that the implementation of the Investment project will allow to maintain the level of production at the depleted Urga field, bring into development the fields of Chandyr and Akchalak groups, which have been in conservation for a long time, and increase hydrocarbon reserves through exploration.
Mogliani, Urga, and Winograd (2009) find the following: In their estimation of the long-run demand for money allowing for structural breaks (and using M1 as the notion of money), real money balances display a unit elasticity with respect to income, while the semi-elasticity with respect to the interest rate is -1.6.
The title track and the longest, called Urga, are particularly lovely, the latter making the most of Lechner's keening cello.
Rifki Kamil Urga'nin yasamlari, yaptiklari calismalar ve radyolojiye katkilari ele alinmistir.
Though the record leaves it unclear how many of his actions there were the results of preconceived plans, and how many of improvisation, once he had taken Urga (today's Ulaanbataar), he gave voice to hopes for a sweeping imperial restoration.
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Urga, "In vivo antiinflammatory activities of leaf extracts of Ocimum lamiifolium in mice model," Journal of Ethnopharmacology, vol.
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Petronas of Malaysia in April 2008 signed an EPSA for the Baisun Block in the northern Ustyurt Basin, which was then said to contain three gas and condensate fields - Urga, Kuanish and Akhchalak.
Fields in the second block under the same EPSA in Ustyurt include Urga and Shagarlyk.