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(o͞o`rē), canton (1993 pop. 35,500), 415 sq mi (1,075 sq km), central Switzerland, one of the Four Forest CantonsFour Forest Cantons, the,
Ger. Die Vier Waldstätten, in central Switzerland, the cantons of Unterwalden, Schwyz, Uri, and Lucerne, the first Swiss communities to win their freedom against the Hapsburgs.
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. AltdorfAltdorf
, town (1990 pop. 8,150), capital of Uri canton, central Switzerland. Cables, rubber goods, and ammunition are manufactured. Altdorf was the scene of the legendary exploits of William Tell, commemorated by a monument (1895) and by the William Tell theater (1925).
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 is the capital. The most sparsely populated of the Swiss cantons, Uri is an Alpine region of glaciers and pastures, with forests and meadows in the Reuss River valley. Its inhabitants are German-speaking and Roman Catholic. The region became (853) a fief of the Fraumünster convent at Zürich. It was incorporated into the Holy Roman imperial bailiwick of Zürich after 1098. Under Emperor Frederick II it was granted (1231) the status of a dependency of the emperor. The scene of the events of the William TellTell, William,
legendary Swiss patriot. According to legend, Tell was a native of Uri, one of the Swiss forest cantons. Gessler, the canton's Austrian bailiff, decreed that Swiss citizens must remove their hats before his hat, which he had posted on a stake in the canton's
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 legend, Uri in 1291 formed with Schwyz and Unterwalden the league that became the nucleus of Switzerland. It rejected the Reformation and in 1845 joined the Catholic SonderbundSonderbund
[Ger.,=separate league], 1845–47, defensive league of seven Roman Catholic cantons of Switzerland; it was formed to protect Catholic interests and prevent the establishment of a more centralized Swiss government.
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(yo͞o`rī), in the Bible. 1 Father of BezaleelBezaleel
. In the Bible, the artist of the Tabernacle in the wilderness.
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 (1.) 2 Father of GeberGeber
, in the Bible. 1 Father of a steward of Solomon. 2 Officer of Solomon.
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 (2.) 3 Porter.



a canton in Switzerland. Uri has an area of 1,000 sq km and a population of 34,000 (1970). Its capital is Altdorf.

From the ninth to the 13th century, Uri was subject to the monastery of the city of Zürich and to the Hapsburgs. In 1291 it concluded a treaty of perpetual alliance with the cantons of Unterwalden and Schwyz, thus forming the Swiss state. The united cantons achieved independence from the Hapsburgs in 1308, and their independence was strengthened by their victory at Morgarten in 1315. In the late 15th century, Uri became one of the main areas for recruiting Swiss mercenaries into the armies of the Catholic countries of Europe. In the 16th century, Uri and other economically backward cantons opposed the Reformation in Switzerland.

From 1798 to 1803, Uri was part of the Helvetian Republic. During A. V. Suvorov’s Swiss Campaign of September 1799, the Russian Army fought several battles in the canton. In the mid-19th century, Uri joined the reactionary unions known as the League of Sarnen and the Sonderbund. In 1882 a railroad tunnel was constructed under the St. Gotthard Pass.


one of the original three cantons of Switzerland, in the centre of the country: mainly German-speaking and Roman Catholic. Capital: Altdorf. Pop.: 35 200 (2002 est.). Area: 1075 sq. km (415 sq. miles)



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