Uridylic Acid

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uridylic acid

[¦yu̇r·ə¦dil·ik ′as·əd]
C9H13N2O9P Water-and alcohol-soluble crystals, melting at 202°C; used in biochemical research. Also known as uridine monophosphate (UMP); uridine phosphoric acid.
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Uridylic Acid


(also uridine monophosphate), an organic substance and a nucleotide composed of residues of the pyrimidine uracil, the carbohydrate ribose, and phosphoric acid; its molecular weight is 324.2. Uridylic acid is present in all living cells and is a constituent of coenzymes involved in carbohydrate metabolism. It is one of the four basic types of monomers that make up the polymer chains of ribonucleic acids.

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