Uropoietic System

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Uropoietic System


the system of organs involved in urination. The uropoietic system maintains a fixed water-salt balance in the blood and tissues by excreting water and mineral salts in the urine.

In man, the system includes two kidneys, situated in the lumbar region of the abdominal cavity on the left and right sides of the vertebral column. The cavities of the kidneys—the renal pelvises—collect the urine that the kidneys secrete; this urine is then excreted from the kidneys into the urinary bladder through the ureters. Finally, the urine passes to the outside by way of the urethra.

Nephrology and urology are the medical specialties specifically concerned with the treatment and prevention of diseases of the uropoietic system, as well as with the study of the system’s structure and function.

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