Usama bin Laden

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Usama bin Laden:

see bin Laden, Osamabin Laden, Osama or Usama
, 1957?–2011, Saudi-born leader of Al Qaeda, a terrorist organization devoted to uniting all Muslims and establishing a transnational, strict-fundamentalist Islamic state.
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The son of a Yemeni immigrant to Saudi Arabia who went from rags to riches by doing construction and engineering work for the Saudi royal family, Usama Bin Laden grew up one of dozens of sons of a billionaire, in an absolute monarchy which maintains that the holy Qur'an itself is its only constitution.
The book also points out how Usama bin Laden also had a series of disappointments such as never completing his university studies and failing to assume a leadership role in the bin Laden construction company.
A recent Associated Press exclusive, May 13th, written by Adam Goldman and Matt Apuzzo, reported that according to CIA monitoring program RIGOR Saad, the son of Usama Bin laden and many Al-Qaeda leaders and operative had taken refuge into Iran after 911.
881/2002; adopted based on Articles 60, 301 and 308 EC, it imposed certain specific restrictions directed against certain persons and entities associated with Usama bin Laden, the Al-Qaeda network and the Taliban.
Though several top al-Qa'ida operatives, like Khalid Shaikh Mohammed, are now in custody, and detainee reporting from Guantanamo Bay, Bagram Airbase, and other locations provides a historical snapshot of the pre-9/11 organization led by Usama Bin Laden, the United States still lacks the vocabulary to understand how and why terrorism threatens.
We had never heard the name Slobodan Milosevic, we never heard the name Saddam Hussein, we never heard the name Usama bin Laden. We were sitting there trying to predict, and we read in the paper that by the year 2000 we're going to be a second-rate economy, we'd be second to the Japanese economy by the year 2000.
Then-Treasury Secretary Paul O'Neill said in an August 29, 2002, news release that businesses in the Nasreddin-Nada network "appeared to be providing a clandestine line of credit to a close associate of Usama bin Laden and as of late September 2001, Usama bin Laden and his Al Qaida organization received financial assistance from Youssef M.
In a handwritten motion filed after that ruling, Moussaoui tried to turn the tables on his examiners, saying Brinkema displayed "acute symptom of Islamophobia with complex gender inferiority." He recommended "immediate psychiatric hospitalization" in the "UBL Treatment Center," explaining that UBL--the government's shorthand for "Usama Bin Laden"--"of course...stand[s] for unique best location."
Consider how unlikely it is that Usama bin Laden wou ld have been able to recruit atheists for the suicide mission, even if they had deep hostility for America.
Usama bin Laden's al-Qaida: Profile of a Terrorist Network.
Those now speaking out against the evils of terrorism paid for and promoted the same terrorist activities, calling them "freedom fighting" when used against Russia by Usama bin Laden's network a few short years ago, and before that by Contra rebels against Nicaragua.