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(o͞o`zədôm) or


(o͞oz`näm), island, 164 sq mi (425 sq km), in the Baltic Sea. It is divided between Mecklenburg–West Pomerania state, Germany, and Poland. Usedom is separated from the mainland by Stettin Lagoon and from the neighboring island of Wolin by the Świna Channel. The chief towns are Świnioujście (Swinemünde) in the Polish section and Usedom in the German section. Peenemünde, in the German section, was the site of a German missile research and testing station in World War II. It is generally lowland, with forests and several lakes. Grain and potatoes are the principal agricultural products; the main sources of income are tourism and fishing.
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(Polish Uznam), an island in the Baltic Sea; located at the mouth of the Oder River, between Stettin Lagoon and Pomeranian Bay. The western part belongs to the German Democratic Republic, and the eastern part to Poland. The island has an area of 405 sq km. The eastern snores are flat and abound in sand dunes, while the western shores are indented with numerous bays. Hilly plains, with elevations to 58 m, alternate with lakes and marshes. Beech and pine forests grow on the hills and dunes, and the lowlands are planted with rye, potatoes, and fodder grasses. There is fishing for herring and eel. A number of seaside resorts of the German Democratic Republic are located on the island, including Zinnowitz, Bansin, and Ahlbeck. The seaport of áwinoujscie (Poland) is located in the east.


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Donna Leon, one of the doyennes of crime writing, is visiting the island of Usedom to read in a literary program with the title "Thinking of Germany." DW took the opportunity to ask her about her own thoughts.You are here on a visit to one of Germany's sunniest spots, the island of Usedom on the Baltic Sea, to read to an audience at the "Usedom Literature Days." Sunshine, the sound of the waves, birds chirping - would this be the ideal kind of place for you to write?
"All of us believe, more or less, in resurrection" (that is to say, he personally did not really believe in it), "and if I land up there with one on my right arm and one on the left, that's always a bit awkward." These words--for the actions of parents all too often encounter disapproval from their children--were directed in actuality against his father, who had married three times, and with whom he found fault in various respects large and small, including, for example, that he, the son, had been given the Pomeranian name "Dubslav." "To be sure, my mother was Pomeranian, indeed from the island of Usedom, and her brother, well, his name was Dubslav.
Their performance was presented at the Usedom Music Festival on Oct.6 and won third place at Jugend musiziert.
Other piers making the list include Usedom, which is shared between Germany and Poland, on the Baltic Sea, and another Polish landmark, Sopot pier.
"Our boat is a lot lighter, more flexible and faster." Falk Andraschko, a shipbuilder from the island of Usedom off northern Germany who has been helping the students and volunteers with their project in Erlangen, is impressed with the Roman techniques.
The Baltic Sea Philharmonic was formed as a new multinational orchestra, as a sister orchestra to Baltic Sea Youth Philharmonic (BYP), which was founded in 2008 as a joint initiative of the Usedom Music Festival and Nord Stream AG, who have continued to support the orchestra ever since.
Competing against dozens of other models from around the world, Georgia will discover if she is the winner tomorrow night in Usedom, Germany.
Part of this district is on Usedom Island, an island in the Baltic Sea.
Therefore the Jew and his wife moved away from Lake Trieb, first to Lassahn, and then to Usedom. But the curse followed them wherever they went, until they finally underwent a spiritual conversion and confessed that previously they had remained Jews in their hearts.
Set largely on Martha's Vineyard, the pic shot on the German islands of Sylt in the North Sea and Usedom in the Baltic Sea, with interiors filmed at Babelsberg.