user space

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user space

(1) The memory allocated to applications in a computer that uses an operating system like Linux. Such operating systems keep their kernel in one area of memory (kernel space) with user applications in another. The system prevents the user's applications in user space from accessing any instructions in kernel space.

Programs in user space are typically swapped to and from disk when other programs take precedent (see virtual memory); however, all or most of the kernel resides in physical memory at all times.

(2) A designated part of a website that is set up for users to download files or contribute material.
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ECC and Targeted Row Refresh are not foolproof, software defenses like ANVIL rely on performance counters that aren't used for DMA access, and CATT only protects user-space attacks.
When executing user-space applications, Linux keeps its entire kernel memory mapped in page tables protected from access.
Chelsio WireDirect provides direct network access to user-space, is binary compatible with existing TCP and UDP socket applications, and is also available in full source code form.
OpenVPN user-space implementation allows portability across operating systems and processor architectures, firewall and NAT-friendly operation, dynamic address support, and multiple protocol support.
Designed as a Window into Windows, WindowsSCOPE enables in-depth analysis and reverse engineering of the Windows kernel and all kernel and user-space programs and drivers at a given time, through its unique extraction methods, intuitive representations of information and interactive graphical visualization, including down to single-instruction-level detail.
The Indian authors explain the bootloader interface, system memory map, MTD subsystem for accessing flash devices, embedded file systems, embedded drivers, various mechanisms for building kernel and user-space applications, debugging memory tools, kernel function instrumentation profiling methods, and embedded graphics.
Testing is one of the many applications of UML, since the kernel under development can be placed in the user-space of the BlueCat Linux host system.
User-space DAFS library implementations can provide optimal performance by providing an API which enables applications to directly manage I/O.
User-space implementations are usually provided for the support of long-running computations [Litzkow and Solomon, 1992].
The article gives a quantitative analysis of Orca's coherence protocol (based on write-updates with function shipping), the totally ordered group communication protocol, the strategy for object placement, and the all-software, user-space architecture.

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