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Kazakhstan: see ÖskemenÖskemen
, formerly Ust-Kamenogorsk
, city (1989 pop. 324,478), NE Kazakhstan, on the Irtysh River and in the foothills of the W Altai Mts. It is a river port and an industrial center with zinc, lead, and titanium-magnesium smelters.
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a city and the administrative center of Vostochnyi Kazakhstan Oblast, Kazakh SSR. Located in the foothills of the Rudnyi Altai, on the right bank of the Irtysh River, at the mouth of the Ul’ba River. Port on the Irtysh; railroad junction of lines to Lokot’, Leninogorsk, and Zyrianovsk. Population, 267,000 (1977; 20,000 in 1939, 150,000 in 1959, 230,000 in 1970). The city is divided into two districts.

Ust’-Kamenogorsk was founded in 1720 as the Ust’-Kamennaia fortress. In 1868 it became a district capital of Semipalatinsk Oblast. Soviet power was established in February 1918, but the city was captured by White Guards in 1919. It has been part of Vostochnyi Kazakhstan Oblast since 1932 and has been the administrative center of the oblast since 1939.

The leading industries are machine building, metalworking (including the production of mining equipment, condensers, and various apparatus), and nonferrous metallurgy (represented by lead-zinc and titanium-magnesium combines). The building-materials industry is represented by a prefabricated-housing plant, a building-materials combine, and plants for the manufacture of reinforced-concrete products. The food-processing industry is represented by a meat-packing combine, a milk combine, a vegetable-oil mill, a combine for the production of wine and vodka, and a brewery. A large combine for the production of artificial silk fabrics was under construction as of 1977. The Ust’-Kamenogorsk Hydroelectric Power Plant is located outside the city.

Ust’-Kamenogorsk has a branch of the Academy of Sciences of the Kazakh SSR, with scientific-research and planning institutes of the mining and metallurgy industries. The city also has a pedagogical institute, a road-construction institute, an industrial technicum, a construction technicum, a cooperative trade technicum, a medical school, a music school, and a pedagogical school. A museum of local lore and a drama theater are also located in Ust’-Kamenogorsk.


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a city in E Kazakhstan: centre of a zinc-, lead-, and copper-mining area. Pop.: 307 000 (2005 est.)
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Finnish minerals and metals processing technology company Outokumpu Technology Oyj said on Friday (23 February) that it has agreed with Engineering Dobersek GmbH for the delivery of converter and gas handling technology for the new copper smelter of Kazzinc in Ust-Kamenogorsk, Kazakhstan.
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