Ust-Khantaika Hydroelectric Power Plant

Ust’-Khantaika Hydroelectric Power Plant


one of the world’s northernmost hydroelectric power plants. It is located on the Khantaika River, a right tributary of the Enisei, in northern Krasnoiarsk Krai. The maximum head is 56.5 m. The hydroengineering complex includes a rock-fill channel dam with a crest length of 420 m, a water intake 140 m long, a riverbank spillway designed to discharge 3,300 cu m of water per sec, and river embankments 4.5 m long. The power plant building is situated underground and is 139 m long, with distances of 17 m between the shafts of the turbine generators. The Ust’-Khantaika Reservoir is formed by the hydroengineering complex. Construction on the power plant was begun in 1963 and was completed in 1972. The Ust’-Khantaika Hydroelectric Power Plant supplies electricity to the Noril’sk Mining and Metallurgical Combine and to regions of the Far North.