a former city situated at the point where the Vym’ River empties into the Vychegda. In the late 18th century, Ust’-Vym’ was a village in Iarensk District, Vologda Province; it is now a village in Ust’-Vym’ Raion, Komi ASSR. It was founded in the 14th century by Stephen of Perm and was the center of the territories held by the Permian bishops in the land of the Komi (Vym’ Land). From the 16th through 18th centuries it was an important trade center on the road to Siberia; the city regularly held fairs. Bronze religious objects in the Permian animal style (first and early second millennia A.D.) have been discovered in the vicinity of Ust’-Vym’. Architectural monuments include the stone Church of Stephen of Perm (1759).

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The basis of this research consists of information on the hydrological-hydrochemical station located at the basin of the Vychegda River (Elva River--Meschura village) as well as observation data from the background meteorological station Ust-Vym located in immediate proximity (data collected during 2000-2007).
Besides, the Ust-Vym meteorological station belongs to the "cleanest" in the region under consideration and is the background one.