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(o͞oth`män) or


(ōth`), c.574–656, 3d caliph (644–56), also known as Uthman ibn al-Affan; son-in-law of MuhammadMuhammad
[Arab.,=praised], 570?–632, the name of the Prophet of Islam, one of the great figures of history, b. Mecca. Early Life

Muhammad was the son of Abdallah ibn Abd al-Muttalib and his wife Amina, both of the Hashim clan of the dominant Kuraish (Quraysh)
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. He belonged to the great UmayyadUmayyad
, the first Islamic dynasty (661–750). Their reign witnessed the return to leadership roles of the pre-Islamic Arab elite, and the rejuvenation of tribal loyalties. The Banu Ummaya constituted the higher stratum of the pre-Islamic Meccan elite.
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 family and was selected as caliph after the murder of UmarUmar
or Omar
, c.581–644, 2d caliph (see caliphate). At first hostile to Islam, he was converted by 618, becoming an adviser to Muhammad. He succeeded Abu Bakr as caliph without opposition in 634. In his reign Islam became an imperial power.
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. Muslim conquests were continued and extended to Bactria and Cyprus. To strengthen his control over the distant provinces, he replaced the generals and governors appointed by Abu BakrAbu Bakr
, 573–634, 1st caliph, friend, father-in-law, and successor of Muhammad. He was probably Muhammad's first convert outside the Prophet's family and alone accompanied Muhammad on the Hegira.
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 and Umar with members of his own family. Uthman ordered the compilation of the first official version of the Qur'anQur'an
or Koran
[Arab.,=reading, recitation], the sacred book of Islam. Revealed by God to the Prophet Muhammad in separate revelations over the major portion of the Prophet's life at Mecca and at Medina, the Qur'an was intended as a recited text, and was not compiled
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. In 656 a mob of malcontents in Medina stormed Uthman's house and murdered him. AliAli
(Ali ibn Abu Talib), 598?–661, 4th caliph (656–61). The debate over his right to the caliphate caused a major split in Islam into Sunni and Shiite branches, and he is regarded by the Shiites as the first Imam, or leader: Shiite derives from the phrase
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 succeeded to the caliphate. Osman is the Turkish form of Uthman.
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Dr Uthman noted that AD is the most common type of neurodegenerative dementias and the sixth most common cause of death in the US.
Moreover, the coefficient of gene differentiation (GST) and absolute gene diversity (DST) were higher in Tarkanis compared to those recorded for the Uthman Khels.
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Among the speakers were Haitham Al-Haddad, Dr Uthman Lateef, Alomgir Ali, Imran Ibn Mansur, also known as Dawah Man, Hamza Tzortis and Dr Salman Butt, who have all publicly denounced British values.
All print editions of the Holy Quran, including this latest edition, are precise representations of the original copy of the Holy Quran made by the venerable Caliph Uthman Ibn 'Affan.
Also a local Mukhtar Ali Uthman, added that the people of Arsal remain in the forefront of anti-Takfeerist militancy.
She emphasizes the impact that the mihna and the rise of Turkish slave armies had on the outlook of scholars writing about the earlier Islamic period, pointing, for example, to the parallels between accusations against Uthman and contemporary complaints about Turkish military rule.
But callers to Aden television said it was a new push by the Houthis and allied Saleh fighters from the north toward Sheikh Uthman, a residential suburb of Aden.
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These codices had differences that motivated the Caliph Uthman to establish a standard version now known as Uthman's codex, which is generally considered the archetype of the Quran we have today.
Stars and musical geniuses Kathem Al Saedi, Abdullah Buras, Karim Al Iraqi, Hatem Al Iraqi, Naser Al Saleh, Uthman Aboud and many more collaborated with Shatha, according to the Middle East news portal Elaph.
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