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Assuming your home or business is connected to the grid with a bidirectional meter, getting started with net metering only requires a simple application to your utility company. While most installers will provide this service for you, if you'd like to learn more, the applications can be found on your utility company's website, or on the website of your state or local energy agency.
Marafiq, or Power and Water Utility Company for Jubail and Yanbu, will use the Islamic loan for growth in its service area.
But if a utility company decides to self-insure and incurs a significant cost that could have been covered by insurance, the commission can also question the reasonableness of allowing the recovery of all of the costs incurred.
The terms of the deal will see GE - already the largest supplier of turbines to the utility company - provide equipment and technology to four projects in the Kingdom, including the 600 megawatt expansion of the Qurayyah power plant, two 480 megawatt power plant expansions in Riyadh and Qassim, and a 120 megawatt expansion near Tabouk.
The Brazil-based electric power utility company is taking this step to 'understand the market' in the US economy.
Summary: A yound girl was killed by a gas blast as she walked to school because the utility company had failed to fix an underground pipe.
In order for a municipal utility company to design and implement adequate strategy of image, it is necessary to know the strengths from the internal and external environment, their needs, interests and opinions.
In addition, the utility company avoided more than $2 million in software costs by consolidating its systems.
Hitting an underground utility line with your shovel can knock out power to your house or neighborhood, and it can cause serious bodily harm--even death--not to mention a rather large bill from the utility company.
"If someone claims to be from a utility company, they will have identification that can be checked with their company."
The utility company shut off the gas to make sure the neighborhood was safe.
The launch also delivers some advantages for the utility company. As power lines adapt to transmit broadband, they also inherit the benefits that BPL can offer to the power station infrastructure, such as remote meter readings and the ability to turn off transformers.