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symbol for the element ununpentiumununpentium,
artificially produced radioactive chemical element; symbol Uup; at. no. 115; mass number of most stable isotope 288; m.p., b.p., sp. gr., and valence unknown.
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The UUP claimed the ministerial Executive must sort out other outstanding matters - such as the longstanding row over post-primary school transfer arrangements - before it can take on law and order functions.
The UUP has lost four House of Commons seats since the 1997 General Election while their rivals in the Rev Ian Paisley's Democratic Unionists have gained three.
UUP leader Mr David Trimble promised his party's ruling executive he would not waver from its "No guns, no government" stance but told them any deal may bring "some pain" for unionists.
Mr Wilson added: "The UUP walking out of the Executive has no impact on the continuance of devolution and has even less impact on Sinn Fein.
Ex-Independent Belfast city councillor Frank Mc-Coubrey, a former member of the UDA-linked and now defunct Ulster Democratic Party, has jumped political ship to the UUP.
The UUP leader said he had chosen Mr McGimpsey because of his previous experience as a minister.
And losing the support of the Orange Order will leave the UUP feeling even more isolated.
The UUP lost South Antrim, their safest seat, by 822 votes to the Democratic Unionists.
There is widespread concern among Unionists that UUP leader David Trimble will form an executive with Sinn Fein ahead of IRA decommissioning, it was claimed last night.
The UUP is to resign from the Stormont Executive next week, claiming PSNI revelations about PIRA involvement in the murder of Kevin McGuigan have shattered trust in Sinn Fein.
LADY SYLVIA Hermon's decision to resign from the UUP could signal the "beginning of the end" for the party's electoral pact with David Cameron's Tories, it was claimed last night.
A SENIOR UUP aide who caused a storm when he wed his gay lover last month says he's been inundated with requests to sell the story!