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symbol for the element ununtriumununtrium,
artificially produced radioactive chemical element; symbol Uut; at. no. 113; mass number of most stable isotope 284; m.p., b.p., sp. gr., and valence unknown.
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However, SPCs and UCs have similar rates of UUT damage, vesicoureteral reflux, renal or bladder calculi, and symptomatic UTIs.
There are many different possibilities where data gets inserted into the ECU, which results in testing different parts of the UuT.
Treatments for releasing UUT obstructions from 32 cases of postrenal failure due to ureteral stones associated with acute viral gastroenteritis are reviewed in Table 2.
124) Eestis on uut etnogeneesi kontseptsiooni juurutanud Martin Ehala, keskendudes arengutele taasiseseisvunud Eestis.
Step Description Identify each UUT component Component must be at the LRU level Identify potential failure modes each component All possible ways that the LRU can be foreseen to fail Identify any potential effect(s) of failure for each Direct and indirect events that can occur as a result of each LRU failure component Rank probability of SEVERITY of 0 = no effect likely, 1 = unexpected and hazardous effect very likely the effect (1-10) Evaluate potential cause(s) and/or mechanism(s) All possible scenarios that can lead to each failure for each LRU of failure Rank the probability of OCCURRENCE (0-1) 0 = scenario is unlikely, 1--scenario is highly likely List current design controls.
Because we saved them, the Kahayan and the Siang-Murung and the Uut Danum, and the other groups of the area cannot have conflict.
12) compared UUT TCC recurrence rates after primary invasive bladder cancer with those after CIS and identified a higher incidence after CIS.
Of the four groups, only the people who performed the undemanding task improved their score on the second UUT test.
This is done so that the UUT does not experience any resistance to throw the supply air due to upstream surging effect of the flow through nozzle.
Using NI Remote VISA Servers, the authors implemented a method of sharing instruments and even interfaces to remote users that can integrate them in their experiments (if they are only didactical, even Units-Under-Test, UUT, can be far from the user, if not, at least UUT and intelligent transducers should be local and other equipment can be remotely).
The professors, Cecilia Martz and Lucy Sparck, who prefer to use their Yup'ik names, Tacuk and Uut, translated his words, but it was not necessary, for Andrew had made a Judeo-Christian tableau of styrofoam and circles in the air, with God above, separate and presiding over the universe.
The test verifies that the UUT provides a data stream under the test conditions and that the data have not been corrupted during transmission.