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Ca3Cr2(SiO4)3 The emerald-green, calcium-chromium end member of the garnet group. Also known as ouvarovite; uwarowite.



(named after S. S. Uvarov), a mineral of the garnet group, Ca3Cr2[Si04]3, with a characteristic emerald-green color. A rare mineral, uvarovite is usually found in the form of druses of tiny crystals confined to cracks in chromite ores.

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Associations with chromite in the district include greenish yellow serpentine, stichtite, uvarovite and transparent gray spherules of prehnite.
Equally interesting to locate and explore were pyrolusite crystals pseudomorphic after manganite, from Sandur, Karnataka; small glassy green uvarovite crystals in schist, from near Maddur, Karnataka; and impressive euhedral crystals of zircon in pegmatitic diopside-syenite, virtually on the border between Tamil Nadu and southernmost Kerala, at the village of Puttetti, not far from Kovalam.
Uraninite, however, was noted in samples from Big Creek associated with quartz, uvarovite and fresnoite.
Small chromitite bodies near Brassey Hill contain uvarovite, native copper and a varied assemblage of platinum-group minerals (Carthew and Bellairs, 1988; Peck, 1990; Peck and Keays, 1990).
Minerals from the Urals are also comprehensively represented, including ferroaxinite from Puiva, alexandrite and emeralds from the Malyshevo pits, uvarovite from the Saranovskoye deposit, and even the famous Urals malachite from Gumeshki and Vysokogorskoye.
Jaroslav Hyrsl (Heverova 222, 280 00 Kolin 4, Czech Republic) did show me a new development from the Sarany, Urals, locality for uvarovite on chromite (these microcrystalline specimens also continue abundant, by the way).
Some fifty years later, Dresser and Denis (1949) remarked that "the dump at the Orford nickel mine has long been a place of interest for mineralogists on account of the excellent specimens of the relatively rare mineral millerite, and also of uvarovite [grossular] and diopside, that may be collected there.
The uvarovite on chromite from Sarany, Urals, seems capable after all of occasionally forming macroscopic crystals; a couple of the Syntaxis thumbnails have well individualized, half emedded, bright green 2-mm dodecahedrons.