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(väts), Ger. Waitzen (vī`tsən), town (1991 est. pop. 33,858), N central Hungary, on the Danube River. A commercial center producing textiles, footwear, cement, and tools, it is also a favorite summer resort of Budapest residents. Dating from Roman times, Vác was made (1008) a bishopric by St. Stephen. It has an 18th-century cathedral, an episcopal palace, and an 18th-century triumphal arch. The name was formerly spelled Vacz or Vacs.



a city and port in northern Hungary, in the megye (county) of Pest, on the left bank of the Danube. Population, 29,000 (1967). It has the country’s largest plant for the production of cement and lime. Manufactures include textiles (cotton, silk, and tricot) and photochemicals. There are also electronics and ship-building enterprises.




(Volts Alternating Current) See volt and AC.