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1. An indentation separating one element from another, as between moldings, or between the abacus and echinus of a Doric capital.
2. A V-groove in the finish-coat plaster where it abuts the return on a door or window; reduces the possibility of cracking by freeing the two surfaces.
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The V-groove patterns were made on the concave side of the LGP mold.
Table 3 shows the distribution of the salvaged siding to T & G flooring, V-groove paneling, and bevel siding profiles based on the length classes described earlier.
The dedicated fixture grips on the V-groove to locate the drive slot as close to centerline as possible.
Figure 1 shows the geometry of the rectangular molded plate parts with the single-sided continuous micro scale v-groove and located fan-gate at the short side.
99 per square metre for Quick Step, rising with the more expensive Elka and V-Groove options.
One of the major advantages to this technology is the elimination of the v-groove area found on solid limbs, where failure most often occurs.
The VF-45 uses a v-groove splice in a sealed enclosure to make the termination, using proprietary 3M tooling.
A compact, rugged spring-loaded V-groove launcher guides the arrow precisely and quietly.
The Type-46 fusion splicer features a built-in dual heating system, making it the fastest fixed V-groove splicer on the market for faster deployment and cost savings for data center, enterprise network, FTTx, Fiber-to- the- Home, central office, and other network applications.
Another addition to the Shower ClearMirror product family is the Decorative V-Groove mirror.
The result indicates that with an increase in the injection rate the filling of the melt into the V-groove begins earlier; further, the filling ratio increased after the melt passed the observation point.
Another feature of this technology is the elimination of the V-groove found on traditional limbs.

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