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1. An indentation separating one element from another, as between moldings, or between the abacus and echinus of a Doric capital.
2. A V-groove in the finish-coat plaster where it abuts the return on a door or window; reduces the possibility of cracking by freeing the two surfaces.
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The shanks of gundrills have a wide V-groove crimped into them to allow the passage of the oil.
Key words: V-groove joints, polyimide, robotic leg, heat equation and virtual work.
We are pleased to offer our customers the most technologically advanced v-groove splicer while making it one of the most affordable to own," comments Dwayne Holst, product manager for the Lightwave Network Products division at Sumitomo Electric Lightwave.
The automation aspect of these systems allows for better control of the welding parameters and a reduction in the total volume of weld metal required by moving away from conventional V-groove designs to narrower groove designs.
Tokyo, Dec 16, 2010 - (JCN) - Sumitomo Electric Lightwave has launched the industry's first fixed V-groove fusion splicer with a built-in dual heating system.
Knurled V-groove drive rolls are correct for FCAW wire.
Pod has been preparing himself for all eventualities by practising with a pre-1990 60-degree Ping wedge which gives significantly greater control out of the rough than his current V-groove Wilson.
In this case mathematical model is created (three-dimensional V-groove field effect transistor (V-MOS)) (Fig.
He said: "When I got back to Florida from Shanghai a new set of V-groove irons from Srixon were waiting for me.
This product has a 300-pound weight capacity, patent-pending folding frame, and slider seat frame with wheels that roll along V-groove self-aligning tracks.
The track has a V-Groove cut into it, enabling the plungers to slide out when the panel is hit, preventing damage to the panel.
This design also eliminates the v-groove and limb bolt groove common on 1.

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