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1. An indentation separating one element from another, as between moldings, or between the abacus and echinus of a Doric capital.
2. A V-groove in the finish-coat plaster where it abuts the return on a door or window; reduces the possibility of cracking by freeing the two surfaces.
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Parameters Values Substrate width 250 nm Substrate length 65 nm Substrate height 100 nm V-groove length 100 nm V-groove height 70 nm Box thickness 30 nm Channel thickness t 30 nm Channel length L 45 nm Channel width W 22 nm
liquid metal addition in V-groove chamfer as presented in Figure 1,
The shanks of gundrills have a wide V-groove crimped into them to allow the passage of the oil.
Key words: V-groove joints, polyimide, robotic leg, heat equation and virtual work.
I nested the PVC to boards with a V-groove cut in them to mount the pipe securely to the cart.
All standard models (many with casters) include V-groove belt tracking adjustment without tools and powered by single-phase, motor/gear-box drives.
Shenzhen, China, July 20, 2013 --(PR.com)-- According to relevant reports, the leader optical fiber and connectivity solutions provider, Sumitomo Electric Lightwave, yesterday announced the introduction of the Quantum Type-Q101-VS V-Groove Fusion Splicer, the third splicer launched in its Quantum Splicer product line.
Further, the panels boast of chrompore and embossed surfaces, along with a 4 sided V-groove. With a price tag of Rs 275/- plus taxes per square foot, sit back and enjoy as your guests' jaws hit the floor!
Four new profiles are available, including a traditional wood handrail with standard grip, a classic twist on an old standby with a contemporary v-groove, and two new styles that offer a wood option for an existing vinyl handrail profile.
The automation aspect of these systems allows for better control of the welding parameters and a reduction in the total volume of weld metal required by moving away from conventional V-groove designs to narrower groove designs.
Tokyo, Dec 16, 2010 - (JCN) - Sumitomo Electric Lightwave has launched the industry's first fixed V-groove fusion splicer with a built-in dual heating system.

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