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butterfly tail

butterfly tail
An arrangement whereby two surfaces forming a high dihedral perform the function of conventional horizontal and vertical tail surfaces (i.e., elevator and rudders). This permits easier recovery from spins besides being more effective, more responsive, and lighter than the conventional arrangement. Also called a V-tail.
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With a V-shaped tail, they provide less drag and minimize tripping.
The model appears to have the similar tail lamp assembly to the R15 v2.0 and features dual headlamps, a V-shaped tail lamp and a short muffler under the front faring.
The F-15SE is essentially a late-model, two-seater F-15 with an angled V-shaped tail, radar-absorbent coating and other modifications to make it more "stealthy", or less visible to enemy radar.
V-SHAPED TAIL: The plane's tail is designed much like a car's spoiler to improve air flow.