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butterfly tail

butterfly tail
An arrangement whereby two surfaces forming a high dihedral perform the function of conventional horizontal and vertical tail surfaces (i.e., elevator and rudders). This permits easier recovery from spins besides being more effective, more responsive, and lighter than the conventional arrangement. Also called a V-tail.
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Flying my V-tail Bonanza near Allentown, Pennsylvania airspace en route to Maine, I could see an airliner above me on the CAVU day.
The empennage consists of two large carbon fiber surfaces in a V-tail configuration, along with two ventral fins that have attach points for the aircraft's yaw stability augmentation system (Yaw SAS) flight surfaces.
Both he and Swendseid like DUO V-tail shads and custom handpours.
Along the way, I sold the 172 and owned a Mooney 201 for nine years and then, until recently, a succession of two V-tail Beech Bonanzas.
The fuselage itself is sleeker and tapers out past the wing trailing edge to receive a V-tail.
Don Walker of the Federal Aviation Administration told reporters that the single-engine, V-tail Bonanza BE-36 left Santa Monica Airport - about eight miles away - at 3:45 p.
According to an Air Combat Command Accident Investigation Report, the primary cause was structural failure of the right V-tail and rudder-elevator assembly, due to a control rod bent "by coming in contact with an improperly installed actuator nut plate bolt.
With its swayed-back, skinny, sailplane-like wings, V-tail and big bulbous nose, it might look like Jimmy Durante with wings -- too ungainly for such endurance.
If Beech Bonanza ownership seems out of the budget, the good news is that there are plenty of vintage V-tail models on the market at affordable prices.
Luckily, the owner of your former V-tail Bonanza let you borrow back your old bird after a few phone calls and promises of adult beverages.
While the initial appeal of the worm was for fishing deep water, shallow applications are myriad, from the stickworm's subtle approach to the V-tail and paddle-tail worms that work like little buzzbaits, to the naturalistic wiggling of a boot-tail bait rigged for shallow running.