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variable air valve (VAV)

In an HVAC system, a control unit consisting of a metal box containing damper-position control equipment, a controller, and a sensor. The box is usually supplied with “primary” air through a duct from the main distribution system; the output delivers air to diffusers located in the space being served.
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"The VAU will continue to work for the restoration of democracy and the constitutional order in that country, and the security and well-being of the Venezuelan people," he added.
The transmission lines Vau Deje-Tirana are connected to 220 kV sending busbars of Vau Deje substation and 220 kV receiving busbars of Tirana substation.
Built in the 1640s at the eastern tip of the island, not far from Notre Dame Cathedral, the Hotel Lambert was designed for a rich financier by the architect Louis Vau, who went on to oversee a major expansion of the Chateau de Versailles for Louis XIV.Aa
The chateau, built by French finance minister Nicholas Fouquet, so astonished Louis XIV when he saw it in 1661 that the king hired the Vaux teamAuartist Charles le Brun, architect Louis le Vau and landscape designer Andre le NotreAuto redesign his palace at Versailles.
But the wine from a succession of better "Premier Cru" sites each expressed flavours unique to its area, governed by the amount of limestone or clay in the soil and the orientation and angle of the slope: Montmains, noticeably salty, Vau de Vey, softer and with hints of peach, Fourchaume spicy and Monte de Tonnerre honeyed and almost floral.
Figure 1 showing the relationship between the ownership of the indigenous knowledge and its transference The hierarchical nature of practitioners of manteng-i-masung Gipson Venge (vau)--the miracle worker Lasingan Levesi (understudy level of the vau) Lawrence or Makalai Mathias--known as asosokai (assistants or workers and trainees)
The longest cycle involves de Navarre's exchanges with La Vau, a minor poet of the time and de Navarre's courtier, who poses as a devoted yet rejected courrier and desperately seeks reciprocal love with his lady.
ALGARVE: Thomas Cook (0845 070 2530) offers seven nights' selfcatering in four star apartments in Praia do Vau from pounds 164 (four sharing), ex-Gatwick Mar 2.
The beautiful Praia do Vau beach is just a stone's throw from the Pestana Delfim, however, and provides several cafes to enjoy a snack with a sea view.