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variable air valve (VAV)

In an HVAC system, a control unit consisting of a metal box containing damper-position control equipment, a controller, and a sensor. The box is usually supplied with “primary” air through a duct from the main distribution system; the output delivers air to diffusers located in the space being served.
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VAV. Clockwise from left: St Van, Ayno, Lou, Ziu, ACE and Baron.
A few participants had the following to say: According to James, 'I am a member of VAV Art Organisation and I feel excited about the workshop.
The 283 VAV terminal units serve the air on the third to the ninth floors.
* Flexible duct is largely transparent to breakout noise so any noise generated by partially closed VAV box dampers can be readily radiated to the space.
The method of varying AHU fan speed to maintain the most open VAV air damper at 85% to 95% open is frequently employed (Trane 1991) and is known to save considerable fan power compared to constant-speed operation.
Increasing supply air heating needs during the workdays can be explained by increased air flow rates of the VAV system, needed to keep the room temperature below 24[degrees]C during occupancy.
As an example, Mumma provides comparative cost estimates for heating, cooling, and ventilating a theoretical 186,000 square foot office building located in Philadelphia with a conventional VAV system versus a DOAS using radiant cooling.
VAV revealed the news with photos of the six members rocking killer suits last Wednesday.
The CBECS data summarized in Figure 3 of our article indicate that VAV, chilled water, and energy management/control systems do not economize compared to unitary equipment.
The first calculation is the base breathing-zone ventilation calculation outlined by ASHRAE Standard 62.1-2010 for single supply multi-zone VAV systems.
Many constant systems that are retrofitted to VAV systems never run at 100 percent because the original constant volume was oversized.
During our 'patient physical,' we also removed ceiling tiles to allow for viewing of the VAV terminal units, like an Ear-Nose-Throat review.