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(1) See MP3 VBR and Vouch By Reference.

(2) (Variable Bit Rate) A channel that alters its transmission speed based on changing conditions.

(3) (Variable Bit Rate) A service level in an ATM network. Real-time VBR (rt-VBR) provides minimal delays for interactive voice and video. Non-real-time VBR (nrt-VBR) is used for bursty business transactions. See ATM.

(4) (Volume Boot Record) See boot sector.
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It will also provide the UK market with exclusive access to unique VBR products in North America's breathtaking National Parks throughout the continent, including the Canadian Rockies, Yellowstone and Glacier National Parks, the Grand Canyon and Alaska.
Roanoke, VA is the largest city and main hub of the VBR region, with an excellent selection of restaurants and bars - perfect for refuelling after a long day on the bike.
In this paper, we propose an adaptive quality control scheme based on VBR content characteristics to improve the QoE of a UHD streaming service.
Used for the surgical reconstruction of defects of the spine, the company's Solidity VBR implant consists of a main centre piece with 625 unique end cap configurations available in one optimised set.
Torna-se relevante refletir sobre abordagens da estrategia que exploram de forma mais eminente elementos tais como os recursos, processos de mercado e capacidades dinamicas, isto e, a VBR. Nos anos de 1990, a VBR ganha forca ao explicar a distincao entre empresas a partir de suas forcas individuais, tentando elucidar a forma de se obter o melhor desempenho (COLLIS; MONTGOMERY, 1995).
For streaming VBR video, several adaptation methods have been proposed based on the sensibility of the receiver's buffer [6,16].
Barney (1991; 1994) e Wolf, Hamacher e Scavarda (2014) explicam, sob a perspectiva da VBR, que os recursos sao todos os ativos, processos organizacionais, informacao e conhecimento pertinentes de uma firma, os quais permitem criar estrategias que sejam sustentadas por um longo periodo de tempo.
Mean Volume of Bone Replaced (VBR) in 2.8 mm anchor group was 372.470 [mm.sup.3] and mean VBR in 4.5 mm anchor group was 1182.664 [mm.sup.3].
M and E Directorate intends to adopt a proactive approach to significantly enhance public participation in the monitoring and evaluation processes through video-based reporting (VBR) from any corner and segment of the society.