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(25,26) The lowest total costs for multiple MDROs may have been driven by the low incidence rate we find for these infections, possibly due to the undercoding of other MDROs identified by the "Vcode" diagnoses, and the inability to distinguish infection from colonization from the data.
Established in 2012 by former professional drummer Louis-James Davis, VSTE has developed coding technology - VCode and VPlatform - which he believes is 'set to become the cyber equivalent of human DNA science.'.
The VCode technology, which is being used in the banking and financial sectors, allows genuine users to authenticate themselves across a variety of transactions and interactions.
VCode identity scanning for emergency contact information
A candidate for such an all-purpose low-level language could be the intermediate representation used by the VCODE system (which is the machine code of an idealized RISC-Architecture) [18].
The VCode station applies barcode labels to any or all four sides of a microplate.
The first of these run-time systems is VCODE [Engler 1996].
A new free app will allow visitors to engage with the exhibits by scanning VCODEs, as well as letting music lovers save five of their favourite exhibits from the show to a mobile device to enjoy in their own time.
However, Vcodes are still viewed as supplemental and at the time of print we are unsure what this means for reimbursement or clinical relevance.